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Nexogen has been working in the field of mathematical optimization, designing decision support systems since 2007.

Our industry independent solutions are based on our first-class optimization framework and have been proven to have the shortest ROI in the industry.

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  • Designing an autonomous decision support system for the optimization of planning processes for one of the biggest international long-haul freighting and transportation companies in the EU.
  • Applying a custom-tailored and fully integrated decision support system for maintenance scheduling and resource assignment based on a proprietary mathematical optimization framework for the biggest gas and electricity provider in Hungary.
  • A Diagnostics Management Web Interface for one of the world’s leading biopharmaceutical companies, enabling them to make informed business decisions and maximizing revenue while lowering costs significantly.
  • Developing a decision support system for the largest mining company in the world for complex cost-structure simulations and optimization in order to make optimal strategic and operative decisions.