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We are a team of 25 passionate software engineers and mathematicians based in Budapest, Hungary.
Using a perfect mixture of software development and math, our team is specialized to solve problems related to:

Optimization of complex, recurrent planning, tasks arising on both operational, tactical and strategic levels.

Pipeline bottlenecks related to scaling and complexity.

Fast, real-time solutions - because time always has a monetary value.

Among many we address challenges in the following areas:







And many more...

We provide real-time optimization and decision support that enables:

A faster and more streamlined planning process

Tangible cost savings while supporting clients’ business growth

A reduced planning time while providing a high degree of flexibility in terms of change management

Improved planning quality

Solution background

Our proprietary resilient optimization engine enables for planning problems on strategic, tactical and operational levels that can be tailored to our customers’ specific needs

Fluent integration with popular ERP systems (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics) and their user interfaces

Scrum Methodology

Our approach is agile from start to finish: project stages and development are transparent to the stakeholders and intermediary project results are delivered to the customer at the end of each short-span development cycle.

Agile methods allow us and the stakeholders to get a clear insight into the project status therefore minimizing the risk arising from changing requirements.